Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Baby shower cake

My next try, was a Cake for my daughters Babyshower. And tell you this one took some time. I really had my problems with the pregnant girl, which ist sitting on top of it. With the time she turned bigger and bigger and it ran low and lower. I have to admit that it was kind of funny. But about two thirty a.m. you kinda start to loose your humor. But, I finally made it. It didn´t turn out perfekt, as I expectec it to be. Though everybody has been excited and most off all my daughter. So it was worth timne and effort.

For decorating the cake itself I cutted some cirles with different sizes of glases.
I think for my second cake and without gum arabicum it became quite a nice one. What do you think?

How do you like my little dipered froggy. my hubby is from an old german town called Büdingen. They´ve been sieged by frogs one year in history. And somehow you see frogs all over the town. One day we started to buy him frogs as gifts. We´re not taking this to seriously, but it´s quite of fun to collect something.

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